Peter Weinberger

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468 North Camden Drive Second Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Litigation is the most expensive, least efficient, and riskiest way to settle legal disputes. A case proceeds through 12 to 18 months of mounting legal bills before it is dropped in the lap of 12 lay people — jurors — people with no legal background.

People with no stake in the outcome, and no expertise in the subject matter, control your fate.

There is an alternative - Mediation. Mediation is the only time where the parties to the lawsuit decide the outcome.

To get a resolution, you need a skilled mediator. You need someone who has spent years “in the trenches”. You need someone who knows the expense, risks and potential rewards of taking a case through trial. Peter Weinberger brings that experience to mediation.

Peter Weinberger’s Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Real Estate

  • Personal Injury

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Business Litigation

  • Probate

  • Insurance Coverage

Feel free to call Peter to discuss your case.